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Quality Guarantee


Pre-owned Quality AssuredTo really 'get' the value of Penny Lane, you have to understand our Quality Assurance.

Over the years we've built an unrivaled reputation for buying pre-owned music at the best and highest possible price. That's because our buyers are some of the most experienced in the business. We recognise what's good quality, what's collectable, what's in demand and what's not.  Our business principle is simple - "We pay the best - we GET the best". And when you think about it, if we get the best, then you do too.

We buy hundreds of thousands of individual Records, CDs and DVDs and more every year. But for every one we buy, there's lots more we DON'T buy.

The reason for that is simple. The quality of some goods is simply not good enough to meet our quality standards.

Every item we buy is thoroughly checked, examined and scrutinised to ensure that the quality is good enough for Penny Lane to put out for sale. Products are individually graded and in some instances cleaned, re-cased or sleeved.  By the time they are put out for sale, we are confident that the item will play to the standard expected.

Our aim is to offer pre-owned goods at a quality that is as near to 'new' as we can - but at a substantially reduced price.

That makes pre-owned music from Penny Lane unarguably great value.

Older Collectables
Obviously some of our older, rarer and more collectable items are sometimes a little more 'loved' than the rest of our collection. That's often what makes them so rare. But if any of these have got quality issues, then we make you aware BEFORE you buy so you can purchase with confidence.

Putting things right
In every case, if an item fails to meet our standards or live up to quality expectations - simply return it with proof of purchase and we'll put things right.

Buying Pre-Owned Quality Assured music from Penny Lane has got to be a 'no-brainer' as far as value for money is concerned.  
Not only are choosing from an unparalleled range of music genres, artists and titles at quality that is as close to new condition that we possibly can - you are also buying at a price that is incredible value for money! For those reasons alone, when you buy music - make sure you check out Penny Lane FIRST!
Penny Lane Records guarantee of quality of pre-owned goods sold at their shops in Christchurch

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