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We buy and sell New Zealand Music.


Penny Lane are Kiwi through and through - and damn proud of it !

We support New Zealand music any way we can, which is why you'll find a huge range of New Zealand music stretching from the 1950s up to the present day plus lots of Flying Nun and private pressed material that you simply won't find anywhere else - including Transistors, Proud Scum, Toy Love, Split Enz, Crowded House, Chills, Chris Knox, Howard Morrison, John Hore,  Sharon O'Neil,  Dinah Lee, Ray Columbus, Larrys Rebels, Verlaines, Headband, Human Instinct, and many more.


New Zealand and Kiwi Music Wanted.


To support our huge range of Kiwi music, we also BUY AS MUCH AS WE CAN!  So if any of the following recordings or labels are in your collection then we are buying right now - call us to make top cash for your old collection.

Right now we are looking for specific albums on the following labels:

Zodiac, Allied, Ripper, Peak, Bunk, Sausage, Flying Nun, Vertigo, Red Rooster, Talent City, La Gloria, Tree, HMV, Allied, Audion, Robbins, Impact, Prestige, Stunn and more.


LP balterspace flying nun

LP bari and the breakaways sea cruise hmv

LP bari and the breakaways album 2

LP blerta way of life

LP berta wild man

LP butler butler family

LP chapta open door emi

LP chapta one emi

LP children's hour flying nun

LP confessor first sin jayrem   

LP dedikation same polydor

LP johnny devlin any lp

LP dragon scented gardens for the blind

LP dragon universal radio

LP dum dum boys anything

LP sandy edmonds sandy anything

LP embers dig Doug

LP expendables flying nun

LP farmyard ist plastic bag polydor

LP farmyard back to fronting polydor

LP fourmyula any lp

LP great unwashed flying nun

LP headband rock garden key

LP headband happen out harvest

LP 7" henchmen cadaver

LP highway same regal

LP hi revving tongues tropic of Capricorn zodiac

LP dave hollis any lp

LP human instinct stoned guitar  allied

LP human instinct burning up the years pye

LP human instinct pins in it pye

LP human instinct snatmin cuthin zodiac

LP human instinct hustler zodiac

LP la de das ist zodiac

LP la de das find us a way zodiac

LP la de das happy prince columbia

LP larrys rebels study in black impact

LP librettos  lets go hmv

LP little john polydor

LP living force atlantic

LP lutha lutha emi

LP lutha earth emi

LP mammal beware the man red rat

LP mantis turn on to the music vertigo

12" marie and the atom flying nun

LP max merritt meteors zodiac

LP Mersey men at the beatle inn zodiac


12" phantom forth flying nun

LP pleasers red rooster

LP pleasers defiantly zodiac

LP quincy conserve any lp

LP ragnarok nooks polydor

LP ragnarok same revolution

LP rayders platter rack raid zodiac

LP rose bayonet leather and chains

12" scorched earth policy flying nun

LP serenity piece of mind down under

LP shihad killjoy

LP corban simpson any lp

LP skeptics flying nun

LP snapper flying nun

LP sneaky feelings flying nun

LP space farm going home to eternity zodiac

LP 7" sticky filth anything

LP straitjacket fits flying nun

12" strikemaster good n ready

12" sporting life flying nun

12" 7" suburban reptiles vertigo

LP tall dwarfs flying nun anything

LP taylor taylor polydor

LP tamburlaine say no more tartar

LP tamburlaine rebirth tartar

LP think give you a buzz

LP 3 ds flying nun

LP ticket awake downunder

LP ticket let sleeping dogs lie downunder

12"  Tokyo jayrem

LP underdogs blues band zodiac

LP underdogs wasting our time pye

LP verlaines flying nun

7"or lps bats  flying nun

7" blue stars social end product allied

7" blue stars please be kind decca

7" brew tea for two allied

7" chants r b witch doctor action

7" chants r b i want her action

7" lp chills flying nun

7" 12" or lp  the gordons

7" ep gremlins zodiac

7" herco pilots anything

7" hubb kapp wheels viking

7" jessels flyimng nun

7" johnnies who killed johnny

7" chris knox flying nun

7" ep dave miller zodiac

7" ep music convention rca

7" pin group ambivalence flying nun

7" pin group coat flying nun

7" 12" playthings  flying nun

7" principals i cant stop allied

7" principals woman allied

7" proud scum ripper

7" riot 111 any 7"

7" saints psycho robbins

7" selected few get the picture  hmv

7" shallows

7" shoes this high anything

7" smelly feet any 7"

7" smoke no more now rca

7" smoke control your love rca  

7" soul agents zodiac

7" split ends anything on vertigo and emi

7" strangers robbins

7" tom thumb la gloria anything

7" tomorrows love

7" or lps toy love

7" 25 cents flying nun


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